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Teach On Your Own Hausa. Hausa is one of the important languages of Nigeria.

Learning to Chat Hausa Language

Hello («Sannu»). This site is definitely dedicated to anyone looking for mastering and marketing the Hausa communication, those’s taste and group. I sugar daddy oh am Sam Odiaka.

There aren’t many websites on discovering the Hausa communication on the web (that i possibly could come), therefore I proceeded to placed some up personally.

It is the main lingua franca («a platform of connections between peoples of different dialects») throughout Niger and northern two-thirds of Nigeria.

The present day Hausa group originate from the Hausa Bakwai, the seven old states of Biram, Daura, Gobir, Kano, Katsina, Rano and Zazzau (Zaria), which build the nucleus of Kano, North Central and north-western countries of Nigeria and so the portion of Niger Republic.

At the start of the 19th millennium, the Fulani of Sokoto integrated the governing bodies of the Hausa Bakwai into the Sokoto kingdom, the basis for the political entity renowned to 1966 as the north area for Nigeria.

The land of Kanem Bornu kingdom, in addition to the rest of current day north-eastern, Benue-Plateau and Kwara reports, remained away from the main-stream of Hausa and soon after Fulani effects.

Note that Gwari is actually a term however accustomed relate to individuals that haltingly stammers up Pigeon Hausa (Bagwari ne). Whilst those foreigner whom speaks fluid Hausa recognized as «Ya iya Hausa kamar jakin Kano», practically which means, «he converse Hausa like a Kano donkey».

Hausa was widely used as a lingua franca by Muslim populations in other countries to the west of Nigeria, e.g. Benin, Togo, and Ghana.

Hausa is definitely expressed by, around 22 million local speakers, plus an extra 17 million secondly words audio speaker.

The largest native communicating society is in north Nigeria, wherein Hausa could be the native vocabulary of the most the population and an encompassing lingua franca aside from a speaker system’s earliest dialect.

In metropolises outside primarily Islamic countries the zango should become facility of planned Islamic techniques, such as for instance Koranic colleges and sites for your major Islamic fests.

This great site is developed that can help you believe more confident about learning the Hausa vocabulary, quickly and effectively without enjoying a few weeks, many months and/or age learning brand-new dialect that you may weary instantly! Most of all the free of charge!

Really supposed to be enjoyable! Pleasant! Glee and Laughter with best friends and family, often with co-workers of working – «you teaching neighbors about Hausa words» with look individual face.

Teach by yourself Hausa websites is written that can help you learn the Hausa speech rapidly, that may help you experience self assured listening to the relation talking Hausa and learns what some people say about yourself for the Hausa terminology. Whether or not they’re swearing or causing you in the speech, you will want to currently UNDERSTAND.

That’s this excellent website designed for?

Perfectly, any looks who wishes to enjoy the pics quickly discovering the Hausa lingo. For myself, the webmaster, my own mommy is actually an Hausa (better Zangon Kataf in Tagama town) and my father, an Igbo (Ogbeobi Unodu Ibolo-Oraifite).

By getting this amazing site I was wanting it can inspire our kiddies and myself to discover the Hausa speech.

Additionally, it is suitable for people-born out half Hausa terrain, is likely to be your parents can converse Hausa and was lacking the time period that will show you the language or you’re nowadays an European or African americans merely would like understand your mother and father’ first terms.

Look at this website as an introductory training for the blocks of Hausa vocabulary.

This page have critical information you need These days, QUICK AND SIMPLE. The PERFECT SURPRISE for your family.

If you treasured looking through the belongings in this page you need to inform your friends together with the relatives about it – to allow them to have fun also. Assume one talking Hausa for them? Weldone!


This web site is developed to assist you chat basic terminology during the Hausa Terminology. Communicating «light hearted» Hausa text really face (yes! YOU) happen to be cheerful

That is this information web site for: Amateurs that genuinely wish to know how to talk Hausa immediately without the majority of a publicity! This is a lot of conveniently digestible page materials actually ever published on the subject.

Who’s going to be this items internet site NOT for: Advanced Hausa presenters. This page fulfills an amateur visitors in an open and welcoming option. In case you have currently perfected basic principles, you will not need this site items.

These sorts of understated Hausa aren’t protected within website. Very, in the meantime; say by yourself Hausa, emphasis are on the Kano say Hausa.

As the Hausa man (definitely not bbchausa) will state.. «Waiwaya maganin mantuwa» which indicate that. given that excellent individuals are claiming the truth, a lot more excellent group should talk awake. Lets as a spot re-trace all of our measures back into just where products started initially to fail.

Regardless of whether we advocate yourself swahili, igbo, hausa fulani or voa hausa. Fact should said from start to finish.


The Bbc hausa (or BBC community program Hausa located in newcastle UK) offer bbchausa business on their international information web site www.bbchausa using Kananci (Kano dialect like the typical).

There are certain gists/gossip and articles linked to the Hausa folks, that today inside north Nigeria, elements of Ghana, Niger and Togo of which the BBC’s Hausa Service (bbc hausa com or bbchausa) broadcast to.

BIBISI Hausa policy of Africa cup regions

The Bibisi hausa (radio bibisi) World solution provides in-depth insurance from the Africa Cup of countries from party stages for the definitive on 31 January.

The bibisi hausa internet site hausa comes with teams information, studies and accommodate account for each event and dwell book comments within the best fit, semi-finals and last.

Bibisi hausa (or bbchausa) often uses the progress almost all African groups including Nigeria’s ultra Eagles and catching up with followers who may have earned the long journey from western Africa while BBC Portuguese for Africa will cover the match in all of the work three everyday broadcasts.

Broadcast Deutsche Welle Hausa and Express of America Take Note Online